Our People

Megan Williams

Registered Psychologist

Megan Williams is a Psychologist who works with clients of all ages. Megan has a warm and caring approach, ensuring that clients feel safe and respected during their journey through therapy. Megan uses a combination of evidence-based therapeutic approaches to ensure each client receives tailored care as well as feeling empowered with education so that a deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can be established. Megan has found that this approach leads to positive and sustainable outcomes.  

Megan’s experience is broad and comes from her time working for Child, Youth and Family Services, New Zealand Police, Ministry of Education, and Employee Assistance Programme Services.  

Megan has an interest in working with clients who have experienced trauma from accidents, events, and abuse. Megan has provided therapy to clients of all ages who have experienced trauma and abuse, but also those who have presented with anxiety, depression, self-esteem and confidence issues, social skills and communication challenges, questions around identify and sexuality, and behaviour management or emotional regulation issues.