Frequently Asked Questions

I have a sensitive claim through ACC. Do I have to pay for any of the sessions I attend? i

No, ACC pays therapists directly for all sessions in full. ACC will also help with travel costs to attend sessions if transport is a barrier.

I'm already seeing an ACC therapist but I don't think it's a good fit. Can I come and see someone on your team? i

Absolutely. It's really important you feel comfortable with your therapist and we all have different styles and approaches. Within therapy, you need to feel safe in the room with the therapist, sufficient trust needs to be developed and you need a clear sense of where the therapy is headed and what goals you're working towards. If you can, I'd suggest you speak with your therapist about what's not working for you. If you can't find a solution, make contact with our team and we can arrange for you to meet a new therapist. Again, it is your right to meet as many therapists as you need to before making a decision on who's the right fit for you.